Basic Flatter Fashion Tips

I have now created two printable guides:

Flatter Fashion Post-Surgery Style Full Guide

Flatter Fashion Post-Surgery Style Pocket Guide

Below are some of the key tips and ideas for flattering a flat chest, and the things I look out for when I am shopping.


To add movement and volume look for:

– A-Line tops and swing dresses which flare gently from the chest

– Bubble hem tops, or dresses with elasticated waistbands

– Off-the-shoulder, halter-necks and boat-necks can all add width across the chest

– Avoid darts and princess seams which create shape and structure for busts.


Floaty fabrics such as crepe, chiffon and light cotton create movement; jersey drapes and gathers to create shape; lace and embroidered layers add interest, and textured knits add depth.

– Layer contrasting textures and colours to add depth and shape.


Extra features which suit a flat chest include:

– Double breast pockets (or single on your flat side)

– Gathered or cowl necklines

– Frills and pussy bows

– Pleats and pin tucks

– Contrasting sleeves


Be proud of your chest: Decorate it! Look for:

– Patterns to draw the eye around your outfit

– Contrasting patterns on the bib or yoke

– Appliquéd designs such as sequins, gems and beading

– Statement necklaces or long pendants

Asymmetrical Designs

If you have had a single mastectomy also look out for:

– Pleats, draping or frills from one shoulder

– Contrasting panels or bold patterns to decorate your flat side


Scarves worn in various ways are also a quick way to do all of the above!