Coats Autumn/Winter 2015

With wintry weather on the way I thought now would be a good time to start looking for a new coat. As you may have already found out, not all coats sit well on a flat chest. I sent my gorgeous military inspired double breasted coat from last winter (before BC) to the charity shop last week, as the cut meant it now bulged and sagged. I didn’t think to take a photo of me in it, but below are a couple of coats which would cause a similar problem on us flatties.


image  image
Both of these coats have a princess seam – rounded seams that run from the waist to the arm/shoulder which are designed to add shape and create a tailored fit over a bust – and you can see by the way the cream one is hanging on the rail that the cut of it will cause messy bulges and hollows once on a flat chest. The princess seams on the blue coat are so deep that they cause the fabric to fold over on itself when I put it on!

So, which of this season’s coats do work for us? Quite a few actually, so whether you are looking to create volume, add decoration, or just want a flattering cut, there is a stylish cover-up for you.

Two things before we get started:

– I have been to a few shops for this blog, but as usual I am not promoting any particular brand. I make no money from this blog, and any hyperlinks I add are just to get you to a shop’s website quickly (no commission!).

– I am an animal lover, and as such never buy wool or leather. Some of these coats contain wool but I would never personally buy them. And obviously always buy faux-fur! (The PETA website has lots of information if you are interested).

This Season’s Key Looks


Pinstripes, checks or tweed in a boxy cut – perfect because there will be no darts or princess seams – will suit any shape. Look for a shorter length (thigh length) so that it doesn’t drown you.


Henry Holland at Debenhams


Faux Fur

Either a full on Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe in a cropped style to cosy up in; wide furry lapels to add width, or fur collars to add depth and decoration; all of these will flatter a flat chest.

Dorothy Perkins, all fur coat…


Monsoon Swing

image image

River Island duo




Dressing Gown

These often have a shawl collar or waterfall front which look best on a flat chest. These are great if you want a coat which skims over your tummy or hips (and that you can whip off quickly when a hot flush hits!)

Primark Bargain…

image image


image image

Dorothy Perkins Drapes



Whether you are looking for a preppy style with panels, or student union parka, these styles come around every year.


Debenhams Duffle


Peacocks Steal


New Look Pea Coat

The smart panelled coat will often have interesting detail like contrasting fabrics or definition on the yokes which break up the solid shape.



image image image image

New Look Parkas

Parkas on the other hand are much more relaxed and suit everyone – look for fur collars, breast pockets and drawstring waists to accentuate your figure.

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