Dorothy Perkins June 2015

I picked this T-Shirt up as it has horizontal stripes (which create width) but also because this one has contrasting stripes on the  sleeves to add shape.
Verdict: Red sleeves add some interest to a basic tee.

This T-Shirt though would look great with some accessories and works really well under the next item; a sleeveless jacket with trench coat styling (also available in white, which would look great with this top too).


Verdict: The sleeveless style draws the eye to body, where the lapel and storm patches add volume. Great item if you don’t like frills and gathers and want a clean or smarter look.

I have a soft spot for daisies (my precious Nanny was the best!), unfortunately I will need to lose some of my chemo weight before I can buy this great dress as it is a straight style so was a bit snug around the hips!

  Verdict: This dress has lots of features which flatter a flat chest: sleeveless, drawing attention to the body; bold pattern to lead the eye around; yoke detail and collar add interest, and double breast pockets add volume to the chest.

I normally look for bold patterns across the chest but tried this top on to see the effect of wearing a bold pattern below.


Verdict: If you can ignore the interfacing showing through quite obviously under the pleated neckline, then this is nice top and really flatters a flat chest. The darker pattern below the chest creates an optical illusion of a shadow and width across the chest, with the overall diamond pattern leading the eye around the whole top. The pleated neckline adds volume and the cap sleeves create an hourglass silhouette.


Verdict: I am not a fan of this thick fabric against my skin, however it does suit a flat chest as it is quite structured and creates shape. The pleated neckline adds volume; these pleats fall quite a long way down the chest area which looks great.

The dress version; this has darts from the waistband but they did not affect the hang nor fit on me.


  Verdict: Worked well on my shape but darts may be an issue.

A few dresses that all look very similar (some are available in different colours)…



Verdict: Lovely cool crepe shift dress. There are darts but due to the light fabric, they are notnoticeable.




Verdict: The tile print border across the top of the bodice frames the chest. The armholes may be slightly too revealing.


Verdict: Same border feature to frame the chest and busy overall pattern for interest. Pockets may add too much volume at the hips depending on your body shape.


Verdict: The dress suits a flat chest although it works better without the large belt, which adds bulk where you don’t need it.



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