Successful Shopping! Clothes for a Post-Mastectomy No-Reconstruction Figure

Two parcels arrived this week; one from La Redoute and the other from Littlewoods, and all in all it was a huge success (especially as it was my first attempt at shopping for my new body shape!)

These first dresses are by South and are from Littlewoods. I could not see from the photos online that they had darts from the side seam, otherwise I may not have ordered them as several of my dresses from my pre mastectomy wardrobe which had darts no longer fitted properly.

The A-Line shape of these dresses suits my flat chest (and new pear shape) really well. The crochet bib adds nice detail, as do the pleats below. The pleated neckline also helps to ‘absorb’ the dart (if that makes sense!). The down side of the white linen material is that the darts are very visible, which I didn’t like. I would recommend all three dresses; the first one is now hanging in my wardrobe.

Also from Littlewoods is this Girls on Film dress on the below. It fitted really well and I liked the pattern but the material was thick and I didn’t like the feel of it.

This oriental tea dress has no darts; the shape is created by the light fabric and the gathered waist.

Something I hadn’t considered (having just been wearing soft pyjamas since my mastectomy) is how important the feel of a fabric is. With no undergarment protecting scars and nerve endings, choosing clothing which feels comfortable against the skin will be as important as how well it fits. The tea dress did both and I have worn it twice this week already.

Lastly from Littlewoods  is this crochet yoke jumper. The contrasting crochet adds a bustier silhouette across the chest and fits nicely, I only sent it back because it didn’t suit me personally, it suited my flat chest.

A grey shirt and a grey shirt dress from La Redoute. The shirt works well on a flat chest due to the double breast pockets – just not on me in this colour. The shirt dress has a lovely pin tuck bib and is really comfortable (although being linen is a pain to iron), I wore this last weekend with leggings but will probably team it with tights and pumps for work too.

Below is a lovely camisole nightie from La Redoute with pin tuck detail and gathered waist.

I have grouped these next three items together because they all have a draping cowl neckline which I really liked. The navy dress and black top are made from a light jersey fabric, and the black dress has a crepe outer layer but a soft lining. Unfortunately the navy dress didn’t suit my  bottom; the black top probably needs to be ordered a size larger than your actual size as it is quite clingy, and the black dress may need a couple of stitches in the neckline as the material has been cut to drape over a bust so there is a slight excess of fabric that leaves the lining visible. Other than that, all three of these items could easily work for someone else.

Below are two really nice evening dresses; I could have kept both of them! This one (like the jumper above) created the illusion of a bodice outline with the net and gold detailing. It had a similar shape to the South dresses, at the top of this page – A-Line with a pleat in the centre of the neckline.

The dress below was a heavily pleated fabric which skimmed down across my chest from the neckband, and over my stomach; it would look great with some statement jewellery.