Fashion Show and Tell at the Flat Friends UK Annual Weeknd

Saturday evening of our Flat Friends weekend together in September started with a Fashion Show & Tell. The idea was to wear something we liked and felt confident in, and do a little turn saying why we liked it and where we got it – assuming we could remember, of course. It brought laughter, a few emotional tears, endless admiration and roars of approval!

The range and variety of styles proved that, even though we have all faced the same surgery, and made the same decisions to live without reconstruction, we are all utterly unique. We have different tastes in style, different body shapes, different views on whether or how much prostheses are part of our wardrobe. What we have in common is we are all living, loving, and dressing with confidence. What unites us is a shared warmth and understanding, and it’s this that created a positive atmosphere in which nearly every single member stood in the middle of the Garden Room and spoke in front of everyone, many of whom we had only met face-to-face the day before, and some brave souls only a few hours earlier. We are women with chutzpah, panache, and shedloads of style!

Flat Friends

There were bold patterns, stripes, layers, rich fabrics, interesting necklines, strategic pleats and frills, and including several items from pre-mastectomy wardrobes that had carried over nicely into a world of chests smooth and streamlined or Knitted Knockered. Among the most memorable was the member who was wearing the outfit she wore to a function two weeks before her bilateral mastectomy, and then again two weeks after without reconstruction. Her patterned maxi dress and bold jacket had become her ‘go-to outfit’ as it always made her feel confident – so confident in fact that she had attended this weekend on her own, having never met any other Flat Friends before.

Our Fashion Show & Tell, and the weekend as a whole, was a runaway success – for many reasons, but perhaps one of them was because we proved to ourselves and each other that we are not part of some secret club; we are all just normal women who happen to have found a way of adjusting to a different body shape and staying true to ourselves.

We haven’t taken the road less travelled, but it is the one that no one points out on the map for you when you start out.

Me and Gilly – Founder of Flat Friends UK

Breasts do not maketh the woman, but a little lipstick and an outfit that makes her feel good goes a long way!

To read more about the Flat Friends UK first ever annual weekend, and to see more photos, please visit our website 

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