Flat Friends’ Flatter Fashion Blog – Autumn 2017

Here is our fourth blog! Here you will find seasonal tips and advice from some of the 725+ members of the Flat Friends UK closed Facebook group, and if you have seen any of our previous blogs you will know how inspirational Flat Friends are! Every woman you see here has had a single or double mastectomy without reconstruction. 
And they don’t come much more inspirational than Kim! “Since being diagnosed with lymphedema I now have to find clothes that suit a flat chest and now have to fit my big fat arm!  I had only just got a load of new clothes but everything with long arms now don’t fit. So I went shopping the other day and this was one of my finds…..I love it! Such a fab colour and has a built in necklace.”

Quiz at House of Fraser

Someone else who is adjusting to a new body shape is Amanda, “My first flat weekend and I’ve bought a new dress from Tesco. A style I never would have worn when I had boobs but I love it now I don’t need a bra”.


And here is Rebecca – seven weeks post single mastectomy – looking amazing in a wrapover-front top which sits really nicely, flattering both sides of Rebecca’s new chest. Jersey is a fantastic fabric as it drapes well and creates gentle pleats and gathers. 

Sally-Anne always looks effortlessly cool, and I love this sleek geometric dress as it shows off a flat chest beautifully. 

Biba at House of Fraser

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