Flat Friends’ Flatter Fashion Blog Spring 2018e

I started Flatter Fashion three years ago now, with the aim of dispelling the myth that if you have had a mastectomy and are living without reconstruction you should dress to disguise your lack of two breasts. I am always asked if we need clothing designers to create specialist clothing for women living flat, and we absolutely do not. What we need is the confidence to shop for our new body shapes – something which can be incredibly daunting at the beginning. I hope that this blog gives women the tips and advice they need to get them into the changing rooms; but if you are still anxious about finding new items for your wardrobe post-mastectomy you could try a personal shopper experience at your local department store.

Tamsin had a great experience at Debenhams in Basildon (other department stores are available!). Tamsin says, “My personal shopper had planned my whole afternoon. First stop bra fitting as I had told her about how uncomfortable it was to wear a bra and prosthesis for long periods. Well guess what… I was in the wrong bra size! I bought lots of gorgeous clothes including a spotty shirt dress, checked shirt, and floaty tops. It was amazing!”

Do you have a favourite V-neck jumper you do not wear because it gapes when you lean forward? Jan spotted these in River Island which are perfect for filling the gap of a low cut top, and are only £12 each.

Or you could try wearing a vest top underneath in a contrasting colour. However, if your having hot flushes a vest would be the last thing you would want to put on! Susan has found the ideal bra substitute when a vest would be too warm- Crop tops with adjustable straps by F&F at Tesco.

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