Flat Friends Flatter Fashion Blog – Spring 2019

Spring is here; cue still needing to wear a vest in the morning, having to strip off layers when the sun comes out at lunch, and wishing you’d worn a coat with a hood in the afternoon.

Luckily for anyone who has had a single or double mastectomy without reconstruction, layers suit us perfectly. Spring is also a good season to bring in a couple of new key items that you can’t wait until the summer to wear by layering them with last autumn’s knits.

To start this season’s blog I have been to New Look…

This bold gingham pattern adds decoration. A contrasting vest underneath adds depth and means I can wear a deeper V-neck without worrying about it gaping. This tie-front top is designed to be oversized and this, along with the sleeve length, adds width across the chest.

Another bold pattern, this time it’s the contrasting breast pockets that add decoration.

This delicate lace top has a gathered elasticated waist to add volume, and the batwing sleeves add movement. The wide sleeves are great if you have lymphoedema too.

This top picks up on the animal print trend, and this pattern draws the eye around the body brilliantly. The light fabric means the darts do not affect how it’s hangs, although I had to go a size up so it hung more loosely.

The perfect tee when you’re flat and fabulous! (I went three sizes up to get a loose fit.)

As the warm weather begins its time to start thinking about holiday wear. Sally Anne found this gorgeous beach dress in a boutique in Torremolinos … and then found a coordinating Grace Jones portrait to pose next to! The contrasting, bold print is a great way to decorate a single or double flat chest as your eye does not focus on the shape underneath, only the vibrant pattern.

Perfect for an evening out on holiday is this sequin top from River Island, with a line that creates the illusion of shape with decoration.

Every year anyone who has had a mastectomy starts researching swimwear and bikinis. If you have not had reconstruction you may wonder about which cozzie will stay up without two breasts, or if that bikini top would hold your aqua knocker. The good news is you don’t have to spend huge amounts on ‘post surgery’ swimwear, and can even find the perfect tankini in your high street or supermarket.

Sally Anne found this bikini at Tesco. Sally Anne says, “It has pre formed cups & I’m wearing my small knitted knockers just to keep it in shape. If you knew, you could tell I was breast free but to most eyes it looks fine”. The sweetheart neckline also cleverly creates the illusion of a bust.

Vanessa found this swimming costume in Primark. Vanessa says, “Perfect fit with a double frill”.

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