Flat Friends Flatter Fashion Blog – Summer 2018

You can’t tell from the weather but, the summer is here! And so is the latest seasonal fashion blog with tips and photos from members of the Flat Friends Facebook Group.

First up is something you won’t find on your local high street. This gorgeous lace Bardot top was found by Caroline at a local market whilst on holiday in Split. Which goes to prove we can shop anywhere! Bardot tops always look great on us as the frills add volume across the chest, and of your are a uniboober the frills will help balance out any unevenness whether you wear a prosthesis or not. And as shown perfectly here, you can wear them on or off the shoulder.

In Tesco at the moment there is a great range of Bardot tops, these were spotted by Paula:

Julie bought this classic chambray double-frill Bardot top in Peacocks for the bargain price of £12.80while they had a 20% discount offer on.

Also from Peacocks are all of these modelled by Jan…

A chambray jumpsuit with Bardot frill:

Red frilled swimsuit:

Matching frilled playsuit:

Lacy frilled top (perfect as a beach cover up):

A bold floral jumpsuit:

Jan has also written a brilliant sewing blog on how to adjust items to suit your chest which you can read here.

Evana is wearing this beautiful, bold top from Bon Marche (£16).

Alex bought this Falmers brand white cotton top in Matalan for £14. Well, actually she bought 2 and is going to try dying one!

Alison is modelling a new M&S post surgery swimsuit. Alison says, “Use with or without prosthesis. It’s comfortable to swim in. And at £29.50 it’s a lot cheaper than some specialist brands.”

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