Flat Friends Flatter Fashion Blog – Summer 2019

Welcome to a blog where women from the Flat Friends private Facebook group share their photos and tips when shopping for clothes, swimwear, and underwear when you’re living without reconstruction after a single or double mastectomy.

What better way to kick off the Flat Friends Summer Blog than with some sunny holiday snaps!

Here’s Sally Anne wearing a Tesco playsuit bought earlier this year. Sally Anne says “This is very comfy & would work double flat or uniboob.”


“My new fave bikini from Next. Works well flat but I have some small knitted knockers in. Fine for swimming too & reversible!”


Sally-Anne also got this stylish frilled dress from Next, which is perfect for double or single flat chests and in cool cotton.


And here is Teresa in the perfect holiday Bardot frill maxi dress. Teresa says, “Really recommend this dress from Next. I’m a uniboober and it’s the first time I’ve gone out without a bra! I did pin my softie in and it didn’t move. Felt so good to be braless in this heat!”


Tamsin found two dresses in the White Stuff sale that work really well for Uniboobers as they both hang well without two breasts, and the bold prints add decoration:

White Stuff

White Stuff

Hannah says, “Primark have pulled through with the removable padding in their bikinis this year. I went a size up for more coverage and used the hole for padding to stuff a knitted knocker in!”


Here’s my new bikini, a bandeau style with foam inserts. Originally from Espirit (but bought brand new with tags on EBay for £5!). You can add structure to the cups using an aqua knocker or by adding an extra foam insert from another bikini – more photos on the Swimwear For The Beach page.


Caroline and Clare have both found great dresses with frills in summery prints. Caroline says, “This dress from Peacocks has a deep frill and no darts, so good for wearing flat.”


Clare’s dress is from Matalan.


Janine found a range of swimsuits in Primark. Janine says, “It comes up high enough to cover my prosthesis and any scaring. No hint of a non existent cleavage! It’s available in other colours too.”


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