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Welcome to the launch of the Flat Friends Flatter Fashion Blog!

As you know, I am an incredibly proud member of Flat Friends UK, and so it gives me huge pleasure to announce that some of my Flat Friends are now going to be contributing to Flatter Fashion each season. There are now well over 500 members of the closed Flat Friends UK group, which means there’s an enormous amount of knowledge and experience of finding clothes when you have had a single or double mastectomy. 

This first blog post will run from December 2016 until the end of February 2017, and we will add to it with our shopping tips throughout the winter.


First up is my friend Caroline who has had a single mastectomy. Caroline is 58 years old, 5’1″ tall and a size 16/18. 

“Before BC I used to wear a lot of plain or striped tops, but I don’t think these suited being uniboobed. So I had a rethink and started buying patterns. Most of these tops are non-iron and quite inexpensive, bought online from the Klass website.

These dresses are from Austin Reed.

Wraps are perfect, especially when my arm was too painful to put in coat sleeves. This one was a gift from my daughter.

I have one or two (ahem) scarves which I wear with plain tops.”

Maxine, who has a had a bilateral mastectomy found this lovely, lined, lacy top online from Wish. These only come in one size (approximately a 14) on this website; however, lacy or patterned vest tops look great when layered with a cardigan, blazer or wrap.


As Caroline says, stripes can accentuate your flat side if you have had a unilateral mastectomy. But if you have had a right-sided mastectomy, and can’t live without a Breton stripe then this top could be perfect for you!

This bold, floaty blouse with double breast pockets ticks all the boxes!

Embroidery is everywhere this season and, on this black jumper, it’s a beautiful way to decorate your chest.

Still looking for a Christmas Party outfit? I love this combination of lace and frills!

Or how about this really pretty floral blouse with an understated frill?

FFUK member Rachel (who has inspired us all with her incredible weight loss this year) found some nice knitwear in Fat Face. Rachel says, “I love both of these jumpers as they have patterns to distract the eye, and felt lovely and soft against the skin.” Which is important if you have sensitive scars.

Debbie found that frills are the perfect decoration for the party season. This green dress is from Asda (what a gorgeous colour!).

And this fab off the shoulder dress is from Dorothy Perkins.

Next up is the woman who created the Flat Friends Facebook support group after realising that there was nothing specifically for women who were living without reconstruction… Flat Friends UK Chair and Trustee, Gilly has had a bilateral mastectomy and always looks incredible. Here she is in two pretty patterned tops from Debenhams…


and if you prefer plain fabric, this top from Asda has flattering detail around the neckline and gathering to create movement…

For more info about Flat Friends UK please visit the website here.


Flat Friends UK Trustee, and Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show model Rachel found these frill tops in Tesco…

And here is Rachel – who has had a double mastectomy and is living without reconstruction modelling the black top to show how great frills and cold shoulder tops look on us. Rachel said it’s also good as it is long enough if you have a ‘Buddha belly’ (the phenomenon of suddenly being able to see your tummy after Mx and thinking it looks twice as big!). The frills on this top add depth and movement, and cold shoulder tops create width across the chest. Cold shoulder tops have also lead to the trend of shoulders and backs becoming the new cleavage!

Following on from Rachel’s post in the Flat Friends UK closed Facebook support group, FFUK member Sam went to Tesco and found this top. Sam has had a single mastectomy without reconstruction, and is flat on the side with the high frill. This top is really flattering with the asymmetrical design, and I love the colour!

FFUK member Angelika has shared the two faces of winter: enjoying cosy jumpers, and planning your summer holiday! 

If you are starting to look for beachwear then check out my post about bikinis and cozzies here. Angelika bought this bikini top in Tesco last year, the Handkerchief style creates a flattering ruffle across the chest and would suit bilateral and unilateral chests alike.

This jumper is from Matalan, and works brilliantly on Angelika as the pattern adds interest across the chest. 

Speaking of cosy jumpers, here is my Winter 2017 look: layering chunky knits with scarves to create depth of textures and colours


But here I am looking a bit smarter, for a job interview this week. The loose fit blazer is from New Look (via a charity shop!), the ruffle blouse is currently in Topshop.

If you have started 2017 with a plan to get fit, but you’re not sure about what to wear to the swimming pool then let Debbie inspire you! This is a post surgery swimming costume from Asda, which Debbie is wearing with Aqua Knockers.


Aqua Knockers are similar to Knitted Knockers, except they are made from a different yarn and are stuffed with shower scrunching. Here’s Rachel demonstrating them in action!

Knitted Knockers and Aqua Knockers are free (although as a charity KK do ask for a donation), and you can order them from Knitted Knockers. Lots of Flat Friends prefer these to their softies and NHS prostheses.

Photo courtesy of Knitted Knockers

Find our next blog for Spring 2017 here.

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