Flat Friends Flatter Formal Fashion (or, What to Wear to a Black Tie Ball, Christmas Do, or New Year Party!) 2

This November saw Boobie Ball 2 in honour of Janine Brook who set up ‘Boobie Date’ – the idea to encourage people to set themselves a regular date each month to check themselves, such as the day of your birthday. Mine is the 14th of the month as I had my mastectomy on 14/01/2015.

Sadly Janine passed away earlier this year, she was a Flat Friend and I met her when she was a model at the Breast Cancer Care fashion show a couple of years ago. So, a dozen Flat Friends travelled to Nottingham to help raise money for Nottingham Breast Cancer Research Centre (over £17,000!), and to celebrate friendship.

We had a mix of single and double flat chests in our group, but more importantly a mix of individual styles, shapes and personality. There were four breasts between the twelve of us, and here is what we wore, and why we each felt amazing in it…

Sally Anne:

Mine is custom made by Caroline Oates a local dress designer. I love the frill on my flat chest & the way the cut hides my Buddha belly. Custom made was also great for my very lanky legs!


My outfit was from Roman, I felt great in it, it was really comfortable and I loved the way the top part flowed. Very flattering for tummy and arms. I wore the boots because I’ve always loved quirky boots and I’m not great in regular shoe heels. Every time I’ve had a clear scan I’ve bought myself something shiny, 3

So far…. I got shiny rainbow spoons, then shiny rainbow wine glasses, then a shiny chrome vase…. so when I had my port out successfully I decided to carry on the theme and bought those shiny silver boots.


My dress was made by me (Phoenix Stitches on FB). I liked that the high neckline meant the I didn’t need to worry about scars showing and that I was able to fit it how I wanted. Also with it being stretch velvet it was very comfortable to wear whilst also feeling glamorous.


Jenefer and Julie

My dress came from Monsoon, it was reduced in the sale to £25 I think. I loved being very sparkly. I liked it because it was a good shape for a flatter figure like mine. I did however choose to wear it with some very small foobs purely because I have put on a bit of weight which has all gone to my stomach and the foobs hid that a bit. I literally never wear my foobs and I hate wearing bra’s however I bought a Sloggi bra top thing which was really really comfortable and held my foobs in place perfectly.


The dress was from Quiz, last year. I liked it because it had the sheer panel with beads across my neck so you couldn’t see the ‘dip’ that the mx left in my chest. I did wear a foob because the dress needed it (I’m a uniboober and the bust of the dress emphasised my singleness) I did just slip the foob into my dress though! Which did cause some hilarity during the evening!


I pinned my knitted knocker in my dress, I never wear one but this dress needed something.


Sue and Clare

Mine is from Roman with sparkles on the layered top of the catsuit which covers my Buddha belly and distracts with the sparkles. Only downside is I have to ask someone to do me up after loo visits! Dayglow Orange Louboutins accessorise the Flat look!!!


Helena, Pat, Sally, and Sally Anne

Mine is from TK Maxx- great because it has a high neckline but lots of sparkle!


A jewelled cape over navy dress.


I’ve finally experimented with a multi-way dress. This is a BHS one (bought on eBay for £5 as a ‘worn once’ bridesmaid dress), but most department stores do their own version. The only thing to note is depending on where your scars are you may be able to see them at the sides, as shown below. Here are some close ups of different styling options:

Tied below chin, closed front

And a selection of other Boobie Ball photos:

More Formal Flatter Fashion to follow…

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