Get Fit!

Over in the Flat Friends Facebook group we have been supporting each other to get fit, spurred on by our very own Mrs Motivator! And for my part I have started running again with my wonderful Running Buddy.

However, the gym/pilates class/leisure centre/running along the main road can be intimidating places at the best of times; so if you have been putting off going because you feel self conscious about your chest, then I have tried on a few styles to see what works for us.

If you fancy getting fit in the pool, take a look at this post from last year for ideas on styles of swimming costumes. Generally Speedo styles look good, or look for a costume with hidden support and request some Aqua Knockers (or stuff with shower scrunchies).

As usual I am not advertising any particular brand, this is just about style ideas so we have a starting point of what to look for whichever shop we are in. For this blog I tried on items from M&M Direct, Matalan and H&M.

Lastly, find inspiration in every department – Menswear, Plus Size, Nightwear, Maternity, Basics, Activewear… Basically, if you feel comfortable in it, then you will feel confident exercising in it!


Tops with logos and slogans are perfect for decorating your chest! Also look out contrasting panels or sleeves, stripes and interesting features like crossover backs.

Vests make a great base layer under loose tops to avoid flashing your yoga class! You could choose one with hidden support and stitch in pockets for your Knitted Knockers.


Adidas Tee from M&M                       Sweatshirt from H&M                 Rogers+Rogers Tee from Matalan


New Balance Tee from M&M         Adidas Tee from M&M                  Cropped Tee from H&M*

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Mens Tee from Matalan                 Souluxe Top from Matalan


Striped Hoodie from H&M*       Long-sleeve Top from H&M*     Souluxe Top from Matalan

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Gilet from Matalan                        Vest from H&M (*used as base layer)


What have bottoms got to do with flattering a flat chest? Well, if your are self-conscious of your chest then a great idea is to go bold with your leggings or tracksuit bottoms, people will so taken with your pins they won’t notice your chest! Or, wear fantastic bottoms just to bring a smile 🙂


Matalan                                                               Matalan                                                                Sports Direct (no changing room!)


Elle Sport from M&M                        Matalan