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I have many, but I never style myself upon what others are wearing. I’m a kind of individual gal!  I use my clothes to express myself whether that be with colour or pattern.  Oh and age is of no matter, I distance myself from age-centered things!

Living flat hasn’t really presented that many challenges when it comes to dressing. Most of my clothes are sale bargains. My wardrobe has not changed that much, only in that I’ve had to upsize on my bottom half owing to menopause spread!

Yellow bling t-shirt that I bought in 1980 with my first wages!

Colour and bold patterns play a huge part in my wardrobe and have always done so.  Don’t be scared of either, especially patterns. 

Ralph Lauren shirt from eBay

Bold, floral, geometric, photo print etc, they’re all brilliant on a flat chest. I love the bold pattern and colours of the Desigual t shirt and I don’t believe anyone’s noticed that I’m flat.

I’m a big fan of oversized jumpers, boxy cut tops, cropped wide leg jeans/culottes, wide leg jumpsuits and anything with a batwing. 

Batwings save the day when it comes to a flat chest and also ensure under-arm freedom. No pressure on surgery scars, and also good if you happen to have lymphedema. 

River Island silky batwing shirt

As I have quite small shoulders I opt for wider cut necklines and also have a thing for sleeves – a puffed sleeve is brilliant for adding width. Three-quarter sleeves or short are excellent as they extend the line across the chest. 

Avoiding bust darts is another good measure (cue the batwing!).  Some of my dresses have darts so I choose to wear a Sloggi ZeroFeel under – they are a godsend!  So, so comfortable and they have pockets into which you can stuff some fibrefill from a softie or you can insert a small lightweight prosthesis, whatever suits.

All of these dresses are worn with Sloggi zero feel and M&S breast forms in Small.

Importantly, have fun with your clothing – be daring, be wild, be carefree and don’t give a sod!

Frida Kahlo sweat – she’s my heroine!

Debbie x

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