Lots to choose from at M&Co

I chose M&Co as I have a local store however I ordered online hence the mistake with the dress!

Firstly this dress: online it is described as a shift dress and on enlarging the photos I could not see that there were any darts. There were. And even though the rest of the items I ordered were generously cut, this dress is not. It was very tight, even around the bust which is novel!

The darts created a small amount of excess material at  the sides which would only be worse if I ordered the next size up for the required fit.


Verdict: Darts make this unsuitable


Now onto the good stuff, which was everything else that I ordered, and there was lots more online.


This breton navy stripe chiffon top works well because of the vertical stripe, floaty fabric and lack of darts.


Verdict: light, comfortable, classic top

Below is a pin-tuck floral top. The cascading flowers across the top of this blouse add lots of interest while the pin-tuck adds texture.


Verdict: Lots of detail across the bust



The contrast tile print on the bib of this soft cotton top creates the illusion of layers and texture.


Verdict: Detail draws the eye and adds depth


This yellow floral top is available in several designs online. The pleated neckline and jersey fabric means that this top hangs really well over a flat chest. I was drawn to this pattern as I thought the change of colours just above the waist would add shape.


Verdict: Perfect cut with different designs to chose from


The blue chiffon blouse below has an integral vest underneath which adds the illusion of depth; add on top of that crossover chiffon fabric pleated at the neckline and this becomes perfect for a flat chest.

image image

Verdict: Perfect top for the office or night out


I have tried on a few denim shirts but this is my favourite.



The breast pockets add depth, but the length of the button front detail and short sleeves help to add width across the chest. It is also made from really soft cotton meaning it will feel comfortable on sensitive scars.

Verdict: New basic tip: Look for sleeves that finish inline with the chest to create width!


So, all in all a very successful shopping experience in a shop I wouldn’t normally think to go in.

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