M&S Clothes For A Flat Chest 1

My next few updates will be from stores I do not go clothes shopping in. The new rule for me is Look Everywhere! When you chose not to have reconstruction after a mastectomy you can find nice clothes (contrary to what I was told by a Breast Care Nurse!) but you will need to cast your net, or shopping basket, a bit wider than before.

I don’t normally shop for clothes (other than knickers) in Marks and Spencer so didn’t know what to expect when I went in there just over a week ago. Mine isn’t a very large store but I still managed to spot a few things which, on their hangers, seemed suitable.

I was looking for anything:
– without bust darts
– without princess seams (curved seams running from the waistband up to the shoulder seam…can you tell that I’ve been watching the Sewing Bee?!)
– with detail across the bust such as pattern or breast pockets
– with a gathered waistband, as I have found out that this adds volume to my top half

I took three things into the changing room: a smart blouse for work; a casual top, and a versatile dress.

The blouse caught my eye because it had an interesting geometric pattern built into a combination of light and dark fabrics which created the illusion of a ‘shelf’ along the bust line. It looked quite large on the hanger so I tried on a size smaller than I actually am.


It fit well and I think the pattern works well on a flat chest. I could imagine wearing this for work with a pencil skirt or straight leg trousers, however the v-neck came down quite low which would mean I would need to wear a vest underneath as it would be very revealing if you leaned forward!
Verdict: Definitely worth trying on

The casual top below is made from a lovely soft silky jersey material so will be really comfortable against sensitive scars. I picked it up because I liked the pattern and it has breast pockets. Due to the soft fabric the pockets do not add a huge amount of depth and, like the blouse, the v-neck is reasonably low so I didn’t buy it.

However, looking back at the photos now I wonder if I should have…I really like the pattern, and I think it would look nice with shorts in the summer.
Verdict: I may have to go back and try it on again!

Lastly, a navy jersey dress which I thought would be suitable for work and going out. The main reason I picked it up was because it reminded me of a dress I gave away before I had my mastectomy (before I did my Wardrobe Clear Out, before I even had the idea for this blog, because it had a low cut empire line bust so I knew I would never wear it again).

image image

The jersey fabric means it has no formal structure and the shape is added by the gathered area over the tummy. It felt comfortable on; added nice pleats to the bust area; disguises a tummy, and a has a nice neckline for a statement necklace.
Verdict: A great dress for a flat chest. (The only reason I didn’t buy it was because it also has a gathered area over the bottom, which didn’t really suit mine!)