Next May 2015

I went into the store to buy a navy crepe dress I tried on a couple of months ago; there wasn’t much new in but I did find a couple of nice bits.

I have finally worked out which of the many numbers on the tags in store relate to item numbers online:

 This is the tag  for the mustard top below. On the Next website enter the first 6 digits from the POS number, in this case 893 107.
The second photo is most true to the actual colour.   

Verdict: Flattering pleated neckline flaring out into a loose top. This top also has long loose sleeves for anyone with lymphoedema; I really like the tassle details on the cuffs.
Not sure about this one…


Verdict: Bold pattern looks good on a flat chest; this may have hung a little better if I had tried it on in the next size up?
Ditto this tunic top… 


Verdict: The contrasting fabrics add shape to what is quite an unshapely top. May have draped better in a size 14?
Navy frill dress: 

   Verdict: Comfy jersey fabric, versatile elasticated frill layer and elasticated waistband = perfect.
 Mmmm… not sure how to describe this one! Cheesecloth Kaftan?  

Verdict: Good beach cover up.
 Two similarly cut tops:  

Verdict: Nice crochet detail across the bib with softly draping cotton fabric below. Really flattering.

Item Number: 905976

Verdict: Cool fabric with flattering contrast pattern below the bust line. 

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