Sainsburys Tu Summer 2015

A lovely lady from the Flat Friends UK Facebook group challenged me to find tops which were not only flattering for a post-mastectomy without-reconstruction chest but also suitable for those with lymphoedema, on the same day another lovely lady posted a lovely summer top which she had found in Sainsburys. Unfortunately Sainsbury do not have an online Tu website but hopefully you will be able to find these clothes in your local store; there was certainly a lot of choice when I went in just over a week ago.

Verdict: Great 70’s inspired folk top with pretty detailing to flatter a flat chest and loose 3/4 length sleeves suitable for lymphoedema.

Verdict: Slightly narrower sleeves, but this was a more fitted top so going a size larger would give a little more room in the arms. Perfectly positioned embroidered decoration and cool viscose material.

Verdict: Very flattering cut, fitted bib and flared from the waist with loose 3/4 length sleeves. This was a size 8 which must be either incorrectly labelled or very generously cut!

Verdict: Pretty pattern with breast pockets (sorry these haven’t come out very well in the photo) in a cool cotton linen fabric with 3/4 length sleeves. This was shirt was quite fitted so I would try one size larger than normal, which would also give a little more room in the sleeves.

Verdict: Burn out fabric with pretty appliqué  studded daisies around the neckline and chest make this a very flattering top, if a little snug.

The next few items don’t tick the lymphoedema box, but do flatter flat.

Verdict: Integral vest underneath adds shape while the gorgeous lace layer and contrasting bib pattern adds lots of interest. The slight batwing sleevs also adds width across the chest.

Verdict: The bold pattern and contrast beading look great on a flat chest. This was a size 8, which just about fitted (if I breathed in!).

Verdict: The burnout pattern with the contrasting sequin detailing look really pretty on a flat chest. Tis was a size 12 and quite fitted.

Verdict: Gorgeous maxi dress with elasticated waistband and frill across the chest which are perfect for a flat chest. I had the adjust the straps so that they were at their shortest in order to cover the scars under my arms.