Styling Scarves

I like flaunting my flatness, so rarely wear scarves. However, I have a lot of them and for those of us who have had a single or double mastectomy without reconstruction they are a quick way to decorate our chests and add volume. In fact ‘wear a scarf’ was the extent of the advice I could find on what would suit a flat chest prior to my BMX (and when I say ‘suit‘, the advice from websites and leaflets was actually that I would want to hide and disguise my lack of reconstruction!).


To try and explode the myth that we should be hiding ourselves away because we have followed a different surgical path, I have found 31 different ways to style a scarf (31 ways shared one-a-day on @flatterfashion Twitter and Facebook January 2016, as well as in the Flat Friends group on Facebook which is a closed group for ladies who have had, or are considering, a mastectomy without reconstruction).

So, style your scarf a different way and use it to accessorise your outfit: It should be for decoration, not camouflage!

(If you’re new to my blog you will soon realise I am not your typical fashion blogger – no pouting and posing here. No stylish backdrops. No photographer with a fancy camera. Just me and my phone, hoping to take a photo that is in focus – and often forgetting to smile in the process!).

  1. Belted Blanket                                                                                                                                                                01c8cd616de17142fe687ec42a50dad02429c68ad2010e9f5da4605fc291f7be9483bc8c827b5e09fe5e
  2. Weave (Pull one end through the loop, then tie the two ends together. This works well worn over your flat side)                                                                                                                                                                                        011f4dbf4847899116b4895412976c52571d72e35d010a71cc6206e4bb8dce5dbd3c142b8d25e587d28e018649577df74513890c323697341a7383e5da3c6e01a68bbc0af8e8e0aeb180c2a2808e1e7958c50f58013d5d9408c4ef63b79bd5ae843fc93d49c384fed6
  3. Doughnut   (Tie a simple knot, then tie another slightly lower)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   0173d4089e016b0a721ed4a662cf71fb6615152b75019a862b4ffb642b286a9c4209822530dd90e1ed51017a6074bb5ec77299428b887ba2931e17f3acbd9801fd427b5c59846e5f0bb62572620954388982c7590109e1fa5ed42a5abc4c87e91d9895071f5e154f5d
  4. Windsor (Can you remember how to tie a school tie?!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       01e13f738441b1e589f462f21327ca01f7bf1604020136c7f13514f0167eb5f2c7d8b5159307a5d01b0c0165f6a3999b0137e7379d9ab61366118cd2513fbe01a7fce7b3dba49dc321518b284d825c1459051f79
  5. Tucked-in Collar (Loop from the front around the back of your neck, then bring each end down through the loop)                                                                                                                                                                                                                    0164c17ade6bdded40ca8e9477a2ebc98369e9c208018b9bd26675409e57fe3bfd4ad3a4134920cd7622015832efc6d19d5c21ced45459bdd20f6094cff81201df7e876fc95cf19b276c3d9cbb5b77bf477ee18b011f56610fe41668d0cdb5b5c86959af2dcd07fce8
  6. Twisted Infinity (Twist two together)                                                                                                                                                                                                                          014d07c50e6ff7e44b8cdd8bdf0a398abfd0049fae_00001017f73d6248efb731a6bfacf9dd1364e83dfc440cd0178d4f4f32033ef8215275302bb4f2e8a59f4378c
  7. Highland Fling  (Drape a large scarf across your body then bring the end around your back and over the same shoulder – great on your single flat side)                                                                                                                                                                                                                             01754951e126741da5539ad4f9360ee77d60416be401f4721f568e8e834024206e8a9fff00bba21636ea018b0621d061466ef66fb2b45944f36acb48dda99601969a61b0d66081c7b80c0855c9c547669e5ad26101b404f76c55ce3ce2e11524386ffe805ffea7a300
  8. Double Back  (Bring both ends through the loop; then push them behind and out from underneath)                                                                                                                                                                                                                             014e22694dd7b2dfc3cddda2ef7990a2300802750b01c3cc1603b1bdf870d8846a076b6ec65d09e3542401b15b25ec512775d51642cb9b3a49df3d29de2be301a5ec0a8ab2c3d9de85e1e145f61ad93aa5f15a3801af830b80fe825a6ea8501e13f583529366c31a5f
  9. Shrug (Create a figure 8 with an infinity scarf then put your arms through the holes)                                                                                                                                                                                                010bd560366a3be35f9c7943513b6f9dfe85d50c59018e4f10a2bfcca0263672c9112395ed61f3943af40186decb29b144a16aa7f8a60f5cbd2c9c29f46790
  10. Cabin Crew  (Small silk square tied in a simple knot and bow, worn as high and big as you like!)                                                                                                                                                                                           01731e61f96396df47df697c32fbca5290a9887a2101fcd78874bc23627f44109b68aa4acec6d994f177
  11. Infinity Bow  (Knot opposite corners together, tie ends into a small bow – Here I am using a large square scarf but this would work with any scarf)                                                                                                                                                                                              01b81eb689c09d9191993034065a7fa9861ccb8c8d011c0af7d33d0b58185862b1ce835cf4c7b0ffaf8d0175d5c96c269c80fecd58892bf80ee5d17757bd1c01be232cab3ac35bbfa98a93ece38f26165e768cc901d7db61b95db8c7c17c90b448653bcd00f256e187
  12. Double Tuck (Simple loop around your neck from front to back; twist the loop and bring one end through from above, then the other through from underneath)                                                                                                                                                      01fe20ceeac28d0b770508d0a7c9b221cc6a0e4651015c5a5a6ef087158a3b6091544845026a59338be5019088357ea091025029969d09c5ad1a48cd47b79c01ff79dce65e3ca5d18118bfaa4b2cf854c3b57a75019bf67887d05cf02f30201a198189db6b7b241577_00001019d0df59d0d2e22dc1f664a9d07d21e02acaed144
  13. Knots (As easy as it looks!)                                                                                                                                                                           01dcf0dabc60c2bb3fd38a53a823faefa7fb28f59801189429b55e7acf9cd6c67335d2c3dba8a19e212001b325a7cfb5260b32108a2f0a6b29d66b1b0f602c0115de85ddf014c920f91dd1947ed36443652db811
  14. Cowgirl (Large square scarf, fold in half into a triangle across your front. Bring the ends around to the front and tie together and tuck under to keep them out of the way)                                                                                                                                                                       01c94fb65e4e3f8c2d625aa5a5c1faacb21a96bb92013dae39a5e5cbe2b5f87b1915b11e4ede98a6de6f_0000101546abe1c0c0989b93229011604cf64f0a60727f0011a8ec776d1b22aedd8e5ccc40972383667029a80
  15. Shawl  (Drape across your body, bring it around your back then drape down from your shoulder – would work well draping down over your flat side if you have had a single mastectomy)                                                                                                                                                                                               01c8cd616de17142fe687ec42a50dad02429c68ad2019b5e75c910a7b2e152115c96bbf9a6783001f40801d8abc374c1a5dcdeaa405f46fcb411ee7dc24c58
  16. Woggle  (Grab a ring out of your jewellery box and thread the ends through to secure – loop through twice to hold a very fine scarf)                                                                                                                                                                          01f7658c0695a7ac250cf6106bdc50f1015285a9f101d87c1a37f6a029ae1292edff2637bc636322d44f
  17. Belt Up                                                                                                                                                                           01ef5f3e4e0dd7826d913cbe38399ab3ff382090a7_0000101f9e430f1ef0afb63f17caab37bb45af6cf7e38ac
  18. Coiled Collar  (Twist scarf all the way to the ends, bring round from the back and tie a simple knot. Still holding the twist in place, wrap the ends back around your neck to the front and release)                                                                                                                                                                                      0116894e8b620235a99e6ea91f6d696e610bf5ba2d0111ba05bb76f434574faadc1852c4b199e998197801d4d203a2d57d0dd39b642fe4cc6ea28773217d270138b338214f727947df4eade756fe96261120527c
  19. PussyBow  (Similar to No.10 but with a longer scarf, you could then drape the tails down over your flat side)                                                                                                                                                                                               0113d21f85843fa9c37cfebe78df917b07258f58230167c5ea2aabd69a28de1ecc3c5166d921b4c57046013517347903407c9cbc104afda79891028e53f764
  20. Cowl Neck (Take two corners from each end and wrap around the back of your neck. The full width of fabric will then drape across your front   creating a cowl neck)                                                                                                                                                                     016644a7e591c8268f17b2597f401fa2f97a498e300162d31236f60efa3143542720d971fde5357d677101e9356a3b35c0d5d1091ab7c9f75e4f80b9a538f1
  21. Tied Up (Find two scarves which compliment each other. Drape the larger one around your neck then loop tie the smaller one around it. Bring the ends up from behind and back through the loop)                                                                                                                                                                                          01f0dfec9544d4e7f1c92e23970f8eff55d3a83afd012e83e7603d05930d3112e1736e1f8b616d5af84f011d2f99ad35f1bb105418bdfaf2d60364c3c289d601605bf0e8767d626b60b831beb939e4609b3d4999
  22. Two-Tone  (Using a scarf with contrasting sides – mine has a dark and a light side, fold over one third (dark side) and place this under your chin. Bring the two ends round the back of your neck and adjust so the dark side is visible – great for creating the illusion of shadows and depth)                                                                                                                                                                                        0112aa60888ef65f41e7de56cf0aaac965c7468a460125e8be552c0e40423596f9cf08aa1477ed1d6cdb01634e8bdc31a67409508d06e37eb56bb68ccff5ef
  23. Twisted Cowgirl  (Fold a square scarf into a triangle and twist. Keeping the point of the triangle on your front, wrap the ends  around your neck and tie at the front under the triangle. Pull the point out slightly)                                                                                                                                                                                     013dae39a5e5cbe2b5f87b1915b11e4ede98a6de6f016bdd7f6a9c63f370c84d6c79530aea6fd66a5290016cf5d891ad90c33e51402bfd87f69a0e58bd5905019c1920ec83320c57f67dd49d434e45dd0d9c604d
  24. Accent Snood (Layer two snoods/infinity scarves)                                                                                                                                                                                       014d07c50e6ff7e44b8cdd8bdf0a398abfd0049fae01f08eaf1d7668ca56d4c10651021389d882d527e8017c215ca4e7de44e75cb23c6fd6eae296342ffd4c
  25. Scarf Ring Loop  (Pull one end through a ring and position over your chest. Wrap the other end around your neck twice then pull the tip of this end of the scarf through the ring)                                                                                                                                                            0120c09795d3b0fe0dcef3bee22400b01ac576e0f401a97282c799fc22041c46dc9d5c6db438ec01e3c801afd36eeda25804da6c9fb61c1d02fe3aa191e9db01c8732d3e9c1a6c52df6d9a0f6309c6f00edff2f7
  26. Figure of Eight (Place an infinity scarf around your chest and twist in  front of you and place over your head. Adjust around your shoulders.)                                                                                                                                                                  010bd560366a3be35f9c7943513b6f9dfe85d50c5901662bdb70680b72e2e929365173a9f752066c54a0018b87624a568d5b68b8efca89506d2e58d710842301ffbb496d5be7cec9a35a4fff3657b2f57f7aa3c9
  27. Audrey (Twist a silky scarf and tie around your neck, release the ends)                                                                                                                                                                                          01186528714973328ee2c1b07f9115016952667a5c01910eb86ce9d9824b27726804b63415cb425f1df10121ca557c1daec032cae1b131a638c4e63a70459c
  28. Wraparound  (Drape one end over your shoulder, wrap it around your back then over the same shoulder creating a cowl neck – fasten with a brooch or pin)                                                                                                                                                                             01c8cd616de17142fe687ec42a50dad02429c68ad2012a1adf19a6b6fa010c30b5eb8b2d2ee4be9c1f34017d38209591500ff401f86c62157a4ef08e27c5a2
  29. SimpleTie (Wrap the scarf from front to back around your neck, then tie either at the centre or over your flat side – try this with patterned or decorated scarves, like this tasselled one)                                                                                                                                                                                                    01ef5f3e4e0dd7826d913cbe38399ab3ff382090a701b26b7846547dfe7b9b2a98a6b0a7968e44a2b52b015ccff9ef5e5c65c841bca167f4056589872a8d1b
  30. Twisted Shoulders (Drape an infinity scarf around your shoulders, then twist at the front. Bring this back over your head and pull down over your shoulders)                                                                                                                                              01e7cd8ad9b1643b592a92c1c14ee7b8a15a83e20f010881ff71ff588f959232d2a89b0c7d43d35cd658011be2056d1644be15f6086a0e69b66e7222e9802901b6794c3eec4d675b1168d2a53d9e87dd4650a065
  31. Accent Colours (Pick two contrasting scarves which compliment each other. Tie one loosely at the front, and drape the other loosely around and underneath it)
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