Swimwear For The Beach 1

If you are looking for a costume for swimming please have a look at this. I am only focusing on the tops of the tankinis and bikinis.

Finding bikinis, tankinis and one pieces for your holiday, when you have had a mastectomy and chosen not to have reconstruction nor wear foobs is tricky; mainly because catalogues are rubbish at descriptions and designers feel the need to put support, cups, underwire or foam lining in almost every top.

Having said that I did find quite a few that worked; some just had removable inserts and some had foam lining which wasn’t noticeable once on.  If you didn’t want the built in support you can remove the foam inserts or cut out any foam stitched within the lining (you should definitely practice first on an old cozzie!).

If you want more structure or shape then you can add an aqua knocker available free of charge from Knitted Knockers, or you can add extra foam inserts from another bikini, like I’ve done here with this bandeau bikini from Espirit.

The bikini comes with its own foam inserts to which I’m going to add these from another bikini.

Slide the extra foam insert into the pocket on top of the other one inside.

The extra insert is in the cup on the right to create a slightly rounder shape than the cup on the left.


This bikini top has a foam insert (blue flap on second photo) stitched onto the fabric creating subtle shape and stopping the fabric wrinkling up on a flat area.


Frilled and fringed bikinis are perfect for both bilaterally flat and uniboobers alike.


Below is a tankini top I tried on in a size 12; I am a size 10 around my chestwith a size 12 tummy. I thought that might be a problem but this tankini fitted securely across my chest (removable foam inserts removed) and the gathers sat nicely over my tummy.



ll of the bikini tops had removable inserts which I removed for the photos except the last one. It hadn’t crossed my mind to leave them on the previous bikini I had tried on; I was just getting bored in the changing room pulling them out then fighting to get them back in afterwards! But they weren’t noticable nor uncomforatble and did not create a funny silhouette.

Bikini tops with removable foam inserts:

Bikini shown with foam inserts left in:

Tankini with built-in foam cups:

Swimsuit with integral foam cups:


Red Stripe Bandeau (Item Number: 906711145) – Removable foam inserts

Coral Bikini Top (Item Number: 967763145) – Removable foam inserts (more styles and colours available – see Black Frill Swimsuit below)

Navy Floral Swimsuit (Item Number: 971033144) – Foam Lining/Cups

Black Frill Swimsuit (Item Number: 901257143) (See Coral Bikini Top above)

Teal Frill Swimsuit (Item Number: 903356143) – Underwired, but not noticable once on.

Mono Optic Tanksuit (Item Number: 900108145) Foam Lining

Pineapple Bandeau (Item Number: 957560149) – Foam lining creates sligtly odd shape but could possibly be altered?

AN Polka Dot Swim (Item Number: 978649142) – Inserts which may be removable

Navy Frill Swimsuit (Item Number: 985024149) – short in the body

Blue Aztec Swimsuit (Item Number: L30678143)


Ben De Lisi Black Zig Zag Keyhole Swimsuit (Item Number: 7744671) – Foam Lining

Principles by Ben De Lisi Zig Zag Print Halter  Bikini Top (Item Number: 7744762) – foam lining

Blue Tropical Floral Triangle Bikini Top (Itme Number: 7745777) – foam cups

Maine Grey V Neck Crop Top (Item Number: 7741204)  – Foam lining

Coral Plain Bandeau (Item Number: 0620051610) – foam inserts removed

Simply Be – Items below are a Simply Be size 12 (I am a usually a size 10) and these fitted nicely

Black Ruffle Front Swimsuit (Item Number: VP981CM)

Black Bikini Set (Item Number: HN071JF) – Foam Cup/Lining

Multiprint Bandeau Swimsuit (Item Number: HN181JF) – foam cups attached to lining created an odd shape so would need alterations by cutting them out or stitching or pinning in an aqua knocker.

Coral Spot Blouson Tankini (Item Number: HN082JF)

Black and White Spot Bandeau (Item Number: HN067JX) – foam inserts removed

La Redoute

Black and White Swimsuit (Item Number: 7077203) elasticated support section not noticable once on. Quite short in the body (it barely covered my scars) so probably need a size larger.